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Ampersand animations

I was commisioned by Jessica Walsh to create some animations for the &Walsh branding, based on the ampersand typographic system.

Creative/Art direction: Jessica Walsh
Brand strategy and Copywriting: Lauren Walsh, Jessica Walsh

Production: Gosbinda Vizarretea, Jessica Walsh, Allison Raich, Stephanie Halovanic
Lead design: Gabriel Namie, Sanchit Sawaria, Rachel Denti, Soomin Jung, Pedro Veneziano, Matt Roop, Kat Singh, Kitron Neuschatz
Design: Jiří Mocek, Junki Hong
Typography: Alex Slobzheninov, Dan Forster, Sanchit Sawaria, Gabriela Namie, Pedro Veneziano, Daniel Sabino
3D and Animation: Nacho Velasco
Photography: Sarah Hopp
Set and Wardrobe design: Arielle Casale

Full project on &Walsh

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